Bill Keeler's Next Move: Internet Radio

February 7, 2011 by

UTICA/ROME -- Fans of former WXUR morning show host Bill Keeler waited more than a month to find out where they'd be able to hear Keeler in the Morning again.  And last night, they found out: through a commercial which aired on Fox 33 (WFXV), Keeler announced he's launching his own network of internet radio stations.

In late December 2010, Keeler parted ways with WXUR, after he said he and General Manager Mindy Barstein were unable to resolve financial disagreements.  WXUR has since installed the Bob and Tom Show, the first time that syndicated show could be heard in the market since it was removed from WOUR in 2008.

In an announcement on, the longtime local morning host said, "There's really no place left for me here on Utica radio. The only stations I would even be able to consider wouldn't be a good fit for either party," he said. "Can you imagine hearing me on Lite 98.7?"

The new network of online radio stations is at, which will feature four channels of programming.  Channel One will carry Keeler's daily morning shows.  Right now, the channel carries old Keeler shows, counting down to the launch of new shows, starting February 21.

Channel Two is called "The Hard Drive," a rock music station programmed locally by "Hard Rock Harry" Enea, who Keeler hired away from WXUR earlier this  month.

Channel Three offers news audio and video from Keeler's Utica Daily News website.  Channel Four is "Keeler On-Demand," offering access to a library previous shows and segments.

One comment on “Bill Keeler's Next Move: Internet Radio”

  1. I really miss Keeler in the Morning. It was a shock to turn on the radio for my morning drive to work and not hear your show, but to hear "Bob and Tom" I think they suck!!! Your show really was getting great, I looked forward to listening everyday. Shame on WXUR, I no longer listen to the station because of you!! Good luck and can't wait to tune in.. My husband and I are devoted Keeler fans. Rock on Bill!!


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