Keeler Online Show on Hold after Losing 2 Staffers

March 10, 2011 by

UTICA/ROME -- Bill Keeler's new show, which streams online at, is already running into some information superhighway speedbumps.  Keeler says "it's been impossible for me to keep up" after losing two staffers, including one who unexpectedly exited for a competing station.

In a post last night on his Facebook page, Keeler said:

"It's been a crazy week.  I apologize for everyone expecting new shows.  We were surprised to lose Mark and with Justin already exited, it's been impossible for me to keep up with.  I can't walk away from the part of our business that actually makes money."

Moments after that announcement, Keeler added the following comment:

"Short of charging a subscription fee which we aren't ready to do and don't even feel would work...I have to keep money flowing into our business. Our hope is to get back up very soon. Again, I'm very sorry....this was all very unexpected. I feel like I've let everybody down here. We'll have a story on Utica Daily News tomorrow that will get into details."

Keeler's show has been online at since late February, after his old show on WXUR was cancelled and replaced by the syndicated Bob & Tom Show at the start of 2011.

As of 7:30am on Thursday, no article has been posted on Utica Daily News just yet, but a quick look elsewhere online finds that Mark Piersma, a longtime Keeler sidekick, has accepted a position at Roser Communications Network.  On his own Facebook page, Piersma confirms he's the new host of Talk of the Town on B95.5 (W238CA, WUTQ, WADR).

Piersma will begin his new hosting role this coming Monday, March 14.  The show continues in its original timeslot, weekdays from 8-10am.  You may recall reading about that job opening a few weeks ago, here on, after former Talk of the Town host Mike Walsh left to accept a new position at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona.

We'll be watching for new developments and updating this story as developments happen (and as our own schedule permits).


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