Lineup Changes Aplenty As WRVO to Launch 3rd Channel

June 11, 2011 by

OSWEGO -- If you've got a particularly favorite program on WRVO, you may need to adjust your listening habits. Later this month, the NPR affiliate will be launching a third program stream. The added capacity gives the station some new opportunities to group certain types of programming together, meaning some programs will be moving to new timeslots.

According to Fred Vigeant, WRVO Assistant GM for Content, all the changes take effect as of June 25.

WRVO-1, the main channel, will experience a number of lineup changes, mostly on Sundays. The new schedule will cut back on "the amount of program repetition in our current schedule," making room for "new programs and a few old friends that have been absent from our schedule for some time," Vigeant writes on the WRVO website.

Among those shows making a comeback are The Splendid Table and Studio 360, which haven't been carried by the Oswego-based pubcaster in eight years.  A block of science-related programs currently heard on WRVO-2 will be moving over to WRVO-1.  Some changes will be taking place on other days of the week, but the changes won't be as prominent as they will be on Sundays.

WRVO-2, currently branded as "WRVO Extra," will be reimaged as "WRVO Remix," which Vigeant describes as "an experimental mix" of stories, interviews and sounds provided via "Public Radio Remix."  The self-described "24-hour semi-formatless" service is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

WRVO-3 or "WRVO International" will make its debut on June 25. A complete program schedule isn't available yet, but Vigeant says the lineup will include international programming from Britain, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany. The feed will rotate between sources, providing around-the-clock programming from other countries.

More Accessibility

In addition to all the new offerings, WRVO Public Media will be offering new ways for listeners to catch the programming. The station is launching a new online stream player for those who wish to listen to any of the three streams via their computers. The streams can also be accessed through a new "app" for iPhone and Android smartphones.

As always, WRVO will remain available through analog FM radio, and WRVO-2 will remain available in some portions of the WRVO listening area, for those who have HD Radio receivers.

More details about all these changes, and the new online and smartphone streams, can be found on the WRVO website.


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