WIBX Taps Jules Thompson to Run Newsroom

July 1, 2011 by

UTICA/ROME -- After a few years away from radio, former Syracuse news anchor Jules Thompson will be returning to the airwaves later this month.  He's just been hired as News Director for Townsquare news/talker WIBX 950.  And Thompson's arrival will allow the current ND to move down the hall into a new role of his own.

Thompson, who previously served double duty as Assistant Program Director and a news anchor for Clear Channel's Newsradio 570 WSYR, will assume control of the WIBX newsroom on July 18th.  Since leaving WSYR, Thompson had been working behind the scenes at Time Warner Cable's YNN.

Congratulations also go to current WIBX News Director Jeff Monaski.  Once Thompson joins the staff, Monaski will be moving out of the newsroom and into the Program Director's office.  Monaski tells he's heard good things about Thompson "from several people.  I really look forward to working with him."

Monaski started his radio career as a part-timer for sister stations WLZW and WFRG, eventually transitioning into a full-time position as a reporter from WIBX.  He became News Director in 2008 and has recently been picking up additional duties as co-host of SportsWatch.

Got News?

Our thanks to two readers who provided tips on Thompson's hire within the past week or so; and thanks for your patience as we worked to get the story confirmed.  Anytime you've got news to share, we'll take anything from formal press releases to informal announcements and anonymous tips -- the address is or use the Contact Form.


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