K-Rockathon 16 Offers Perks with New "Platinum Pass"

July 11, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- A better view of the stages and private "passholder-only" bars are just some of the perks being offered through a new "Platinum Pass" for K-Rockathon 16, later this month at the New York State Fairgrounds. In addition to the new perks, a few more local acts have been added to the lineup for the concert, hosted by the dual-market K-Rock trio of stations (WKRL/WKRH/WKLL).

Platinum Passes: Pricey but Perky

First up, details on the Platinum Pass, a new addition for the K-Rockathon this year. For an extra $100 (on top of the regular $45 ticket), passholders will enjoy a variety of perks including preferred parking and access to a raised viewing deck for a better view of the two stages. Passholders will also be able to use a special set of restrooms and they'll have access to passholder-only cash bars.

Program Director Nixon said in a statement today, "all the major rock festivals are offering this type of package and we have had many requests for an enhanced package like this. The BIGGEST KROCKATHON ever was the perfect time to roll this out!"

To ensure passholders will be able to comfortably enjoy all these extras, K-Rock says only 500 Platinum Passes will be sold.

Regular tickets and Platinum Passes can be purchased online at According to the website, fans who already bought regular tickets can upgrade to Platinum Passes while they last, but upgrades need to be handled with a phone call to the Galaxy Communications business office at 472-9111.

More Bands Named to Lineup

Since we first reported on the initial lineup for K-Rockathon 16 a little over a month ago, the station has named two additional acts to the lineup. Those new additions are Jet Stream and popular local band Silent Fury.

Got News?

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