Pat Bailey Leaves WKTV to Run Sports Bar

August 10, 2011 by

UTICA -- Today is WKTV reporter/anchor Pat Bailey's last day at the NBC affiliate.  Where's he headed next?  He's staying right in town to take a new job outside of broadcasting.  According to the station, Bailey will be running a new sports bar co-owned by recently-retired pro wrestler Matt Hamill.

An article on WKTV's website recaps Bailey's five years with the station, including coverage of the 2008 F.X. Matt Brewery fire and the shooting death of New Hartford Police Officer Joseph Corr. Bailey also logged plenty of miles on the road, covering the Washington swearing-in of a local politician, and the New York City visit of Pope Benedict XVI. He's also followed the Syracuse University basketball team to NCAA tournament games in Cleveland and Salt Lake City.

The new sports bar, called "The Cage," will be located in Bagg's Square in Utica. Co-owner and former UFC wrestler Matt Hamill will also be opening a mixed martial arts training facility at the location, according to an article published yesterday by Utica Daily News. Bailey has accepted the position of general manager for the sports bar.

The WKTV article closes, "Pat's colleagues want to thank him for his years of work at NEWSChannel 2 and wish him luck with his new endeavor. We know we'll be seeing him, he'll just be very busy."

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