Utica's WUTQ Signs with Buffalo Bills

August 11, 2011 by

UTICA/ROME -- Until now, the Buffalo Bills Radio Network has had a gap in coverage between Syracuse and Albany. That gap will be at least partially filled this season as Roser Communications Network's 95.5FM (WUTQ/WADR/W238CA) becomes the network's newest affiliate.

The Bills begin their schedule with a pre-season game against the Chicago Bears this Saturday. President and GM Ken Roser told Utica Daily News he's "excited to bring the Buffalo Bills to radio in this region."

The new affiliation deal also brings a former Utica radio personality back to the market. Brent Axe, host of On the Block afternoons during the week for The Score 1260 (WSKO) in Syracuse, commutes to Buffalo during football season to provide pre-game, post-game and halftime coverage for the Bills Radio Network. (Both the network and WSKO are owned by Citadel Broadcasting.)  Before Axe started working in Syracuse in 2002, he hosted SportsWatch across town at WIBX 950.

Although Utica Daily News reported the games will air on "WUTQ-FM," no such station exists; although the station is marketed as "95.5FM WUTQ," the frequency is an FM translator, and operates under the FCC-assigned call sign W238CA. The station simulcasts the programming of AM stations WUTQ (1550) and WADR (1480).

Updated 8:45pm to update the name of the station: as we reported in April, the station is no longer called "B95.5."  We were confused by the logo on the station website, which still has the "B" in front, but Ops Manager Dave Silvers tells us the B is definitely gone on-air; they're just still working on a new logo for the website.

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    1. Thank you. I did see that also, but the size of the logo in that image is too small for my purposes. However, the station since sent over a much larger, clearer version of that new logo, and you'll notice it has replaced the old logo which originally appeared with this story.


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