Jim Reith, Rod Wood Among Election Day "Write-Ins"

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SYRACUSE -- Longtime NewsChannel 9 (WSYR-TV) anchor Rod Wood and former longtime WSYR radio talk show host Jim Reith were among many local and national broadcasters to receive write-in votes in Onondaga County this past Election Day. Other names to receive votes include TK99 morning co-host Glenn "Gomez" Adams, and national TV stars like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, this year's ballots included an unusually high number of write-in candidates, likely due to the fact that a number of politicians were running unopposed. Knowing the lone candidate was all but assured a win, some voters obviously figured they'd have some fun with the write-in portion of the ballot.

The newspaper posted the entire 35-page list of write-ins on its website. Although there are plenty of notable names on the list (SU men's basketball head coach Jim Boeheim's name appears for several races), we've just listed the names we recognize with connections to broadcasting, along with the page numbers where they appear so you can find them yourself if you like:

County-Wide Races

Page 1: Justice of the Supreme Court
- Nancy Grace (legal commentator on cable's HLN)
- Tim Green (former host of TV's syndicated "A Current Affair")

Page 2: Onondaga County Executive
- Glenn Gomez Adams (TK99 morning co-host)
- Glenn Beck (syndicated talk radio host)
Page 5 (same race):
- Steve Kimatian (former NewsChannel9 GM)
- Danny Liedka (Time Warner Cable Sports commentator)
Page 7 (same race):
- Jim Reith (former WSYR radio talk host)
- Bob Ross (deceased, hosted "Joy of Painting" on PBS)
- Mike Rowe (host of Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs")
- Gene Simmons (rock star and subject of A&E reality series "Gene Simmons Family Jewels")
Page 8 (same race):
- Donald Trump (host of NBC's "The Apprentice")

Page 12: Onondaga County District Attorney
- Mike Price (formerly of NewsChannel 9)
- Jim Reith
- Howard Stern
- Jon Stewart (host of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Comedy Central)

Page 14: Onondaga County Comptroller
- Stephen Colbert (host of "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central)
- Steve Kimatian
- Pat Lucas (behind the scenes at NewsChannel 9)
- Billy Mays (deceased; former TV infomercial host, subject of the Discovery Channel series "PitchMen")

Page 17: Legislator, 3rd District:
- Jim Reith

Page 17: Legislator, 5th District:
- Oprah Winfrey

Page 17: Legislator, 8th District:
- Shepard Smith (Fox News)

City of Syracuse Races

Page 19: City of Syracuse Auditor
- Bill O'Reilly (Fox News)

Page 19: Councilor at Large
- Roderic Groat (the real name of NewsChannel 9's Rod Wood)
- Rush Limbaugh

Page 20: Commissioner of Education
- Neil Cavuto (Fox News)
- Tim Green
- Sean Hannity (Fox News and syndicated talk radio host)

Page 21: Councilor, 1st District
- Bill O'Reilly

Page 21: Councilor, 4th District
- Steve Kimatian

Towns and Villages

Page 26: Town of DeWitt Justice
- Chelsea Handler (host of "Chelsea Lately" on E!)

Out of all the names on the list, we note that Danny Liedka and Steve Kimatian were both running for office this year, but the write-ins came for offices other than those they were actually seeking.

Did we miss anyone?  Let us know!  Send a quick note to  (We're not interested in "any" recognizable name -- just people who are primarily associated with radio or TV, local or national.)

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