POTW: Clear Channel Alumni Reunion (2011)

January 6, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- A handful of former Clear Channel Syracuse employees (mostly from WSYR radio) gathered for an impromptu "reunion" on New Year's Eve.  We'll borrow a phrase commonly used by one of the attendees to say the gathering took place at "an undisclosed location" within Onondaga County.

From left: Mike Foltz, Erin Covey, Jim Reith, Chris Weidman, Jules Thompson, Dave Crider, Caroline Tucker, Jason Smith and Dave Bullard.

And if you're looking really closely, yes, that is a framed enlargement of the classic WHEN "license plate" bumper sticker on the far left wall, and some vintage "9 News" posters in the background.  (That'll be enough for any insiders to identify the "undisclosed location."  For everyone else, yes, that is the phrase Jim Reith often used when referring to his favorite vacation spot, but no, this photo wasn't taken at his house.)

Got Pictures?

Our thanks to Dave Bullard for sending in this photo... your editor is always appreciative of reader-submitted photos, especially when a flurry of news (like we had this week) doesn't leave much time to "hunt" for a photo himself.  So... anytime there's a photoworthy happening at your local TV or radio station, or if you dig up a nice "blast from the past," send those shots in!  The address is and there's a new Picture of the Week every Friday.  We had "perfect attendance" in 2011... and just 51 more Fridays to go in 2012!


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