New Twitter List for "Alumni" of CNY Radio and TV

January 8, 2012 by

Whether or not you're among our 700+ Twitter followers (and thank you all!), we wanted to let you know about a new Twitter "list" we just started.  @cnyradio/CNY-alumni gives you a convenient one-click way to follow broadcasters who used to work at radio or TV stations in Syracuse, Utica or Ithaca.  But we know it's far from complete, so we're asking for your help in building the list.

Who Qualifies?

  • Anyone who is still actively working in media will be automatically added to our list - just contact us via email or Twitter with their Twitter username.
  • Anyone who is no longer working in media can also be added, but must contact us directly with their approval.  This is to respect the privacy of those who have exited the media and may prefer to remain out of "the public spotlight."
So please take a look at the list, add it if you like, and let us know who we're missing!

What are Twitter Lists?

Twitter users can follow lists the same way they can follow individual people.  But when you follow a list, you automatically follow everyone on that list.  It's a convenient way to follow an entire group of people with a single click.  When we update our lists, you'll automatically get those changes in your own feed.  Here are the other lists we already have going:

If you think you belong on one (or more) of these lists, but you aren't there, please let us know and we'll be happy to add you!

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