POTW: Behind the Scenes at WCNY's TravelAuc (2012)

January 13, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- Public broadcaster WCNY may not have traditional pledge drives anymore, but it still needs to generate revenue. During the six nights of TravelAuc, viewers bid on more than 1,000 getaways to destinations near and far. But everything you see on TravelAuc doesn't just magically appear by itself...

This is a montage of photos WCNY posted on Twitter earlier this week, as production crew members set up phone banks and other equipment like cameras, monitors and cables.  Most of the names weren't provided on Twitter, but among the top row of smaller photos, left to right are Tom sorting out cables, Joe hanging lights and Matt transporting cameras.  All three are joined by two more crew members in the bottom photo, setting up the phone bank.

As reported earlier this week, TravelAuc continues tonight and tomorrow from 6pm to midnight, and again during the same hours next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Proceeds from winning bids benefit WCNY programming and services. You can find out more at

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