ESPN Radio CNY Trades Red Sox for Mets

January 15, 2012 by

Updated 1/18 -- SYRACUSE -- Does the Syracuse area have more Boston Red Sox fans or more New York Mets fans?  After carrying Sox baseball last season, ESPN Radio 97.7/100.1 (WTLA/WSGO) is now hedging its bets with Mets fans.  The station announced on Friday that it'll be Syracuse's radio home for the New York Mets this coming season.

ESPN Radio CNY program director Chris McManus tells, "we're thrilled to add New York baseball to our lineup. We know Mets fans in Central New York have been dying to hear their team for a long time."  Even if one isn't a Mets fan, McManus adds, "Howie Rose is as good as it gets in baseball play by play, so any baseball fan should enjoy this summer."

The announcement was made during the station's afternoon talk show, Upon Further Review, hosted by McManus and WSYR-TV sports director Steve Infanti.

"With Mets minor league teams in both Binghamton and Buffalo, this is a natural move for us," added Galaxy Communications CEO/President Ed Levine.

"We’re excited to join up with Ed Levine and Galaxy Communications so that Mets fans in Syracuse and Oswego will get to hear all of the games this season.  I’ve known Ed for almost 25 years, and he is a terrific owner/operator,” said Mark Chernoff, VP of Sports Programming for CBS Radio.  CBS owns New York City sports radio station WFAN, the flagship station for the New York Mets.

The Mets begin the 2012 MLB season at home on Thursday, April 4th, welcoming the Atlanta Braves, first pitch at 1:10pm.

Until now, the only way Mets fans could follow their team on the radio in Syracuse was by trying to pick up flagship station WFAN directly from New York.  Given the distance, the signal can be difficult to catch.  On the TV side, only a small handful of Mets games are broadcast on free TV; most games are carried by SNY, requiring a cable or satellite subscription.

ESPN Radio CNY can be found at 97.7FM (translator W249BC) and 1200AM (WTLA) in Syracuse, and at 100.1 FM (translator W261AC) and 1440AM (WSGO) in Oswego.

4 comments on “ESPN Radio CNY Trades Red Sox for Mets”

  1. [...] baseball season (okay more than a few weeks, we haven't even had the Super Bowl yet!) However, this news has made me very happy.  Beginning this season the local ESPN radio affiliate will join the Mets Radio Network.  ESPN [...]

  2. It is great news that the Mets games will be on the air locally. Local fans will have some great listening this summer, with the Yankees, Mets and Chiefs all on the air.

    There is only one improvement to this situation that I would wish for, and that is for Cumulus to put WSKO and the Chiefs on WNTQ-HD2 to supplement the AM 1260 coverage. WNTQ-HD2 covers a wide area that WSKO does not, especially at night when WSKO is directional.

    HD Radio can make WSKO and the Chiefs more competitive in one more way, audio quality. As it is now, the Yankees and Mets games will be on FM, and the Chiefs on AM, putting the Chiefs broadcasts at a disadvantage in audio quality. Having the Chiefs games available on HD Radio would give them slightly better than FM audio quality for listeners who have HD radios.

  3. Three cheers for Galaxy. This long-time Mets fan applauds the move to the Mets. This is more of a natural Mets territory, and it's only a matter of time before the team will turn things around. Howie Rose is a fine broadcaster, always a good listen. Good move!


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