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SYRACUSE -- It was exactly eleven years ago today that posted its very first story.  This year's celebration is pretty low-key compared to the multi-day series of special features offered for the 10th anniversary last year, but I still wanted to take the opportunity to mark the occasion.

Growing Numbers

From March 2010 to March 2011, the site welcomed over 55,000 unique visitors, totaling more than 250,000 pageviews.  I'm very pleased to report that during the most-recent year -- March 2011 to February 29, 2012 -- this site received more than 96,000 unique visitors, racking up over 334,300 pageviews.  While I keep a close eye on day-to-day traffic, I don't check long-term traffic stats often, so this is a pleasant surprise!

As I have done in the past, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, the readers, once again, for helping to make (and now as well) such a success.  Whether we know each other personally, only through email, or even if we've never met, it's all thanks to your readership that I am motivated to keep the site going.  (It certainly isn't the banner ad revenue, which goes right back into site maintenance expenses.)

Thanks for Your Help!  ...And Keep it Coming!

I'm just one person, with a full-time job and other activities besides running this site, so keeping track of the happenings at dozens of radio and TV stations in three markets is no easy task.  While many of the stories posted here are based on my own eyewitness accounts, just as many stories, if not more, might not have ever appeared here, if it weren't for press releases from stations, and news tips from "insiders" and other observers.

Whether you've sent formal press releases, news tips in the form of a "you didn't hear it from me" kind of email, or even just a quick note to share what you've heard or seen on-air, I'm very appreciative for the support from everyone who has contributed to this site.  Having been a radio PD myself, I know how busy your schedules can be -- if you don't have time for a full press release, a quick, informal email with the pertinent info is always just as welcome.

And hey, even if you don't necessarily have news tips -- I'm always open for suggestions to help improve the site.  And I'm especially open to the idea of taking on additional volunteer writers to help supplement the site's coverage.  If you're interested, drop me a line.

Last But Not Least...

Thanks again to Scott Jameson for starting in 2001.  As a big fan of the site back then, I was sad to see Scott announce his hiatus in 2005 and I was glad he agreed to let me re-launch the site in 2008.  The past four years have been lots of fun, and I look forward to whatever lies ahead.  And I'll also thank Mike Szweil, who allowed me to merge into this site after he decided to discontinue the site he created.

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