Walk-Up Radio Returns Tonight After Hiatus

April 13, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- Following a hiatus of more than three months, "Walk-Up Radio" returns tonight.  The weekly netcast/podcast is performed in front of a live audience at Wise Guys Comedy Club, and the "Walk-Up" part comes from the fact anyone in the audience is welcome to walk up to a microphone in the middle of the floor at any time and say whatever they want.

Fans of the show may recall that it used to take place on Wednesday nights.  Starting tonight, Walk-Up Radio has a new night and time: shows will begin at 11:30pm on Friday nights.  Walk-Up Radio's Facebook page promises, "we will be booking a lot more local music, guests, comedians, etc."  And tonight's show will make good on that, with "Just a Memory" scheduled to perform two songs as part of the show.

That's not the only change: the Facebook page says "this new schedule allows us to welcome back Ogdensburg's very own Kevin Keefe," who had left Syracuse in November to accept an offer to become GM of a few radio stations up north.  Joining him on stage will be Josh Grosvent of 95X (WAQX) and Paulie Scibilia of ESPN Radio 97.7 and 100.1 (WTLA/WSGO).

A few things aren't changing: the shows will continue to be held at Wise Guys Comedy Club on South Salina Street in Syracuse.  Admission is $5 and the club offers $2 beers during the show.


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