Evening Lineup Changes at WSEN and CNY Talk Radio

November 9, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- Two formats operated by Leatherstocking Media Group have made some changes to their respective evening lineups.  At 92.1 WSEN-FM, Mike Harvey is now plugged-in for the 7p-Mid shift, replacing Tom Kent.  And at CNY Talk Radio (WFBL/WMCR-AM/WUTI), the website schedule and logo banners still list Jason Lewis from 6-9pm, but a text scroller across the top of the homepage announces the shift now belongs to Mark Levin.  Our thanks to observant readers who pointed out the changes!

2 comments on “Evening Lineup Changes at WSEN and CNY Talk Radio”

  1. I think now you know why WSYR held out on The Savage Nation. If they hadn't, it would have gone to WFBL/CNY Talk Radio. Levin is also syndicated by Cumulus. Compare that to WGY, which replaced Savage with another show (kind of odd, they run two hours of Michael Berry then Levin on delay). No competitor in town anymore.

    Levin has also aired in the market before, on WSYR; I forget offhand now who it replaced but I don't remember it lasting that long. I know I never much cared for him.

  2. It always stuck me as odd that WSEN had an announcer on every night who frequently referred to himself as "TK" given that they no doubt share a lot of listeners with TK99. I am relieved they are not replacing Kent with "Sonny Smith" or "Randy Rebel."


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