Genesee Joe leaves WOUR, moves to 92.7 The Drive

March 8, 2013 by

Updated 5:15pm -- UTICA-ROME -- After nearly 21 years with 96.9 WOUR, afternoon drive host "Genesee Joe" Trisolino handed in his notice last night.  Today, it was announced he's joining the staff at 92.7 The Drive (WXUR), effective immediately.

WXUR told local media outlets there would be a press conference at 1:00pm today "for a major announcement regarding an addition to [WXUR's] on-air staff."  By mid-morning, Genesee Joe had disappeared from the jock lineup on WOUR's website.  Cementing the rumors, just before 12:30pm, WXUR posted the following photo on its own Facebook page:



The graphic announces Genesee Joe will be hosting 3-7pm on 92.7 The Drive, weekdays plus Saturdays.  Shortly after the press conference, another press release from WXUR owner Arjuna Broadcasting included the following from GM Mindy Barstein:

Everyone welcomes Joe as a tremendous addition to our staff. With the recent passing of Frank McBride, it was critical to me that the right personality continue Frank's dedication to radio in The Mohawk Valley. Joe is the perfect personality to take over the afternoon show. He brings with him a strong commitment and loyalty to the Utica area.

WXUR program director Tom Starr had been filling in on afternoon drive since McBride's illness forced him to stop working.  Trisolino's arrival will allow Starr to return his focus to programming.

Genesee Joe was WOUR's most-senior on-air personality, reaching 20 years at the station last June.  He was the only weekday host on the station roster to survive the station's 2007 sale from Clear Channel to Galaxy.  In an interview with last June, upon 20th anniversary at WOUR, Genesee Joe said he looked up to people like Tom Starr and Jerry Kraus when he was growing up.  Both have since moved over to 92.7 The Drive, along with other colleagues from WOUR's Clear Channel days, including WXUR operations manager Jack Moran and disc jockey Alison.

Late this afternoon, Galaxy Communications announced Mimi Griswold will be coming out of retirement to host afternoons on WOUR.

11 comments on “Genesee Joe leaves WOUR, moves to 92.7 The Drive”

  1. Sometimes I wonder about people. If you don't care about news of local broadcasters, why would you "like" this page in the first place. Its the only reason for this FB page.

  2. Andy Rezsnyak - Tune it in on your car radio: 92.7FM. It's spotty, but you should be able to pick it up along Rts 690, 81, 481, eastern suburbs. I live near Liverpool and it comes in fairly well in the car.

  3. Andy, I've been meaning to say what Paul said. I'm also in Syracuse, and it is spotty, but it does come in. I was around the north side, Mattydale and North Syracuse today, not bad. Haven't tried it on my home stereo - this is just my findings from driving around. A tower move in 2009 greatly increased WXUR's coverage area.

  4. It would be great for the Drive to succeed, however, I'm not 100% sure if trying to re-create WOUR with the same type of programming and former WOUR people is the answer. Up to this point, it hasn't worked well. Over all this time, listenership is flat, and no better than before it became the DRIVE, and no better than when Keeler was there, except for the slightest spike in mornings with Bob & Tom. Even that show is getting stale, listeners are dropping, and most people who listen to them laugh over nothing are now getting into the higher age demo.


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