WCNY to broadcast TelAuc from new Near Westside studios

March 29, 2013 by

SYRACUSE -- When WCNY-TV's TelAuc hits the air in April, it'll be the very first time the annual fundraiser originates from WCNY's new facilities on Syracuse's Near Westside.  That's according to a press release which appeared on WCNY's website.

WCNY first announced plans for the move nearly two years ago -- after plans originally announced in 2007 had been put on-hold due to some grant funding issues.  In 2011, when things got back on track, WCNY said it would be spending $20 million on a combination of new construction and renovation of existing structures.

For years, WCNY's television and radio operations have been located just a few miles outside of Syracuse, along Old Liverpool Road in Liverpool.

The TelAuc announcement didn't get into any other details about the new facility, but promised a long list of WCNY staffers and celebrity guest hosts who will be appearing during the television auction:

Tim Fox from News Channel 9; Wayne Mahar from CNY Central; Eric Cohen from WAER 88.3; WCNY -FM hosts Bill Baker, Jon English and Bruce Paulsen; Joey Nigro-Nelson of WCNY’s “Ciao!”; WCNY television program hosts Jim Burns and Vicki Brackens (co-hosts of “Financial Fitness”), Liz Ayers and Jim Aroune (co-host of “Insight”). Also appearing will be Melissa Midgely and Tom Hauf.

TelAuc will run a total of eight nights this year: catch it from 6pm to midnight each night from April 18 to 21, and from April 25-28.

WCNY members can bid on items using their WCNY member number.  Non-members can obtain a bidder number for as little as $25 by calling 315-451-2424 (ask for Membership) or online at


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