Musical Chairs at Oldiez 96 and Big Frog 104

January 6, 2014 by

UTICA-ROME -- Last month's unexpected removal of longtime Big Frog 104 (WFRG) morning host Matt Herkimer has had a ripple effect throughout the market. It looks like the dust is finally settling, after a round of "musical chairs" between WFRG and sister Oldiez 96.1 (WODZ).

Here's where it looks like the chips are falling:

  • As previously reported, Matt Herkimer's exit made way for WFRG afternoon host Tad Pole to move to mornings, alongside Polly Wogg.
  • New today, we've learned WODZ afternoon driver "Davey Jones" has moved to WFRG afternoons. He's listed on the WFRG website under his real name, Dave Wheeler.
  • Taking Wheeler's place on WODZ afternoons is Greg McShea, who had been hosting middays on WFRG.
  • New hire Andy Cash takes middays on WFRG.

According to the station websites, Wheeler continues to serve as Brand Manager for WODZ, while Tad Pole (Bill McAdams) continues to serve as Brand Manager for WFRG and Operations Manager for the four-station cluster.

And from the "better late than never" file, we've been meaning to mention the arrival of Big Joe Henry on WODZ middays; a Google search shows he's apparently voicetracking from New Jersey, where he works for two other Townsquare stations. His arrival in late 2013 replaces the locally-voicetracked Chip Douglas, a part-timer who continues to hold down on-air shifts elsewhere in the cluster (under a different name).

Our thanks to various readers who wrote in to point out the changes.

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