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New Reporters at Channels 3, 5, 6 and 9

SYRACUSE -- You may have noticed some new faces on local television newscasts... and a familiar face on a different channel. The Syracuse Press Club reports that CNY Central (WSTM/WTVH/WSTQ-LP) has hired two reporters to replace Chris McGrath and Caitlin Nuclo.

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POTW: Farewell to Two "Unsung Heroes" of TV News (2012)

SYRACUSE -- Ask viewers to name people who work in local TV news and you'll probably hear names like Matt Mulcahy, Carrie Lazarus, Rod Wood, Jackie Robinson, Christie Casciano and Michael Benny pretty often.  How about Roger Mirabito or Kristy Smorol?  People inside local TV news know these names, but outside of their respective stations' […]

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New Jobs for WSYR-TV Assistant ND and CNY Central Producer

SYRACUSE -- After more than a dozen years at NewsChannel 9 (WSYR-TV), Roger Mirabito is moving onto a new job in the public relations field. And producer Kristy Smorol at CNY Central (WSTM/WTVH/WSTQ-LP) is making a similar move after seven years with the station, according to the Syracuse Press Club.

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SPC: Nuclo and McGrath Leaving CNY Central

SYRACUSE -- Two multi-media journalists are leaving CNY Central within the near future. Multi-media journalists Caitlin Nuclo and Chris McGrath have also served as producers and anchors during their time at the combined facilities of NBC3 (WSTM), CBS5 (WTVH) and CW6 (WSTQ-LP).

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Syracuse Press Club to Host Monthly "Young Professional" Networking Events

SYRACUSE -- Hoping to help journalists who may be new to the area or new to the business in general, the Syracuse Press Club is launching a series of Young Professionals networking events. The meetings will be geared towards journalists from 21 to 35 years old, and will be open to any employee of any […]

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Syracuse Press Club Names Award Winners

Updated 8:05pm -- SYRACUSE -- Public stations WRVO and WAER dominate the list of radio winners for the 2011 Syracuse Press Club Professional Recognition Awards Contest.  On the TV news side, cablecaster YNN and Syracuse ABC affiliate NewsChannel 9 were neck-and-neck for bragging rights on picking up the most awards.  The list was released just […]

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Syracuse Press Club Accepting Scholarship Applications

SYRACUSE -- Journalism majors who maintain a permanent address anywhere within the Syracuse Press Club's 21-county service area are invited to apply for the club's annual DeVesty-Williams scholarship.  Applications are being accepted now for the $2,000 award and materials should be submitted as soon as possible.

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Deadline Looming for Syracuse Press Club Awards

SYRACUSE -- Attention journalists in Syracuse and all surrounding areas within the 21 counties covered by the Syracuse Press Club: the deadline to submit entries for the club's annual Professional Recognition Awards is less than one week away.  Entries are due next Tuesday, January 31.

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Several Staffing Changes in Syracuse

SYRACUSE -- Plenty of recent staffing changes to report throughout CNY lately... we heard about some of these items earlier, but weren't quite sure if they were "official" public knowledge... until this week, when the Syracuse Press Club announced them in their latest newsletter.

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Syracuse Press Club Awards "Going Digital"

SYRACUSE -- When local news media outlets submit entries for the Syracuse Press Club's annual Professional Recognition Awards in 2012, there won't be any paperwork involved. Nor will there be any CDs, DVDs, story printouts or printed photographs.

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