Local Stations Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson

Stations all over the country have been paying tribute to Michael Jackson, since the news broke of the singer's sudden death at the age of 50 on Thursday.  Several in Central New York were among them, including at least two that threw out their regular formats to play the King of Pop's hits exclusively.

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Clear Channel Loses $428M in First Quarter

SAN ANTONIO, TX -- CC Media Holdings, Inc. released its first quarter earnings report for 2009 today, and -- similar to last week's reports from Regent and Citadel -- the results are not positive.  The nation's largest radio group says revenue fell 23% compared to last year's first quarter -- and the company also posted […]

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Power 106.9 Checks into the "Keith Sweat Hotel"

SYRACUSE -- Less than two weeks after WWHT/WPHR program director Butch Charles was laid off by Clear Channel, the replacement for his on-air shift at Power 106.9 has been named -- it's the syndicated Keith Sweat Hotel.

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Clear Channel Cuts, Round 2: Butch Charles Out

UPDATED 4/28 at 11:00pm: SYRACUSE -- Clear Channel carried out its second round of massive layoffs of the year today -- eliminating 590 jobs on top of the 1,800 let go on January 20th.  Multiple sources concur one PD has been laid off in Syracuse, a former Ithaca radio journalist was cut in Albany, a […]

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CC Reveals New Localism Efforts

Clear Channel is revealing some of the new initiatives being rolled out at the current round of managers' meetings in Texas.  And, despite the fears and rumors, "mass layoffs" is not on the list.  Rather, the company is rolling out some new ways to increase localism.

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Stations Mourn Roosevelt Dean

SYRACUSE -- When local blues musician Roosevelt Dean died from cancer last week at 65, at least two local radio stations made a marked effort to observe the passing of a talented legend.

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Power 106.9 Looking to Move Tower?

We're no broadcast lawyers or engineers, but documents recently filed on the FCC website seem to indicate Clear Channel wants to change the "community of license" for Power 106.9 (WPHR) from Auburn to Solvay.

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Tavis Smiley to Speak at Syracuse University

Public television and radio talk show host Tavis Smiley will be offering a free lecture at Syracuse University later this month.  His syndicated radio show is heard on public radio stations in the Ithaca-Cortland and Watertown markets.

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Shareholders OK Clear Channel Deal

More than a year and a half after Clear Channel first announced plans to go private in November 2006, CCU shareholders have formally approved the company's $17.9 Billion sale to private equity firms Bain Capital Partners LLC and Thomas H. Lee Partners LP.

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POTW: Power 106.9's Juneteenth Radiothon (2008)

A one-day radiothon on Power 106.9 (WPHR) is being credited with saving Syracuse's Juneteenth Celebration from being severely cut back this year.  The radiothon was held last Sunday at the Clear Channel studios on Plum Street in Syracuse.

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