Utica-Rome Musical Chairs Update

August 21, 2008 by

Following up on an earlier story, we've noticed Lite 98.7 has announced Trudy's first day back at WLZW will be this coming Monday, August 25.  She replaces Greg McShea, who slides over to the midday shift at Regent's country station, Big Frog 104.

The WFRG website says he's now going by the name "Greg Splashin' McShea," which loosely fits the unwritten "Frog-themed name requirement" in place at most Frog-themed stations across the country, without masking his well-known identity.

McShea fills a vacancy left by Meredith McGreen, who recently left the market.

One comment on “Utica-Rome Musical Chairs Update”

  1. Having served as Om in the Utica-Rome Market place for Regent, and currently serving the same post for the company in Albany, NY as well as PD/MD of WGNA-FM and WBZZ-FM I would like to congratulate Trudy on her return to WLZW. She is a consumate professional. I also brought Greg McShea on board over there as well and had him doing PT on WFRG as "Splash Gordon" and WLZW as well. Greg is a pro and a true talent who will be well received on WFRG.

    Meredith who was midday host on WFRG is now back with me at the Albany cluster doing middays on AC/WBZZ-FM "Buzz 105.7" and sounds phenomenal. This business is now and always has been about relationships. There are fewer of these than there used to be thanks to technology replacing people, but when you manage good people you want to retain and help them move up the ladder because they did the same for you.

    I will say in closing that the crew in Utica at Regent is now, and has been TOP NOTCH for a long time preceeding my years there from 03-07 an will be for years to come. I however do not miss the name "Beanpole", but I do miss the Chicken Riggies at Carmella's Cafe.


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