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August 22, 2008 by

Time flies when you're having fun... hard to believe it's been six months since the reincarnated went live.  This last month was a pretty busy one too... despite being a little out of the loop while taking a summer road trip, we managed to break a new record.  Details in our monthly look at the site's most popular articles, searches and other miscellany.

The record was broken on August 11, when our stats counter reported 863 page views.  Admittedly, that's more than double what we normally get any other day.  We had just reported Arbitron had finally lifted the long-standing embargoes on P12+ ratings for Syracuse and Utica-Rome.  Big news tends to get linked on message boards, and we enjoy a brief influx of traffic for a day or two before things settle back to normal.


Top 10 Most-Viewed Articles This Month

  1. Arbitron Lifts Syracuse & Utica-Rome P12+ Embargoes
  2. 95X Ditches Opie & Anthony
  3. Man Dies After Attending K-Rockathon
  4. No Timeline on Arbitron Embargoes
  5. Opie & Anthony Lash Back at 95X
  6. WBLH Reportedly Stunting
  7. Citadel Posts 95X PD Opening
  8. WSYR Dropping Paul Harvey?
  9. Musical Chairs at Regent Utica-Rome
  10. CC Looking to Sell Nova


Top 10 Search Terms This Month

Things people entered on sites like Yahoo and Google, and then wound up here:

  1. CNYRadio
  2. Opie & Anthony
  3. WBLH
  4. Route 81 Radio
  5. Krockathon 2008
  6. Westwood One Max receiver
  7. Mix 102.5
  8. Dave Frisina anniversary concert
  9. Brent Axe
  10. 95X


Top 10 Referrers This Month

Sites which brought people to via links:


Also worth noting, our 100th subscriber registration came in this month!  Subscriptions are free, and are only necessary if you wish to post public comments/responses to our stories.  More details on our About and Privacy Policy pages.

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