Former Syracuse Engineer gets Senior VP Job

July 24, 2009 by

Former WSYR/WYYY/WBBS Chief Engineer Conrad Trautmann has a new job title. National trades are reporting Trautmann has been named Executive Vice President of Technology at Dial Global/Triton Radio Networks.

Trautmann worked in Syracuse in the mid 1990s, when the aforementioned trio of stations was owned by New City Communications.

After some Googling, we found an old newsgroup post Trautmann wrote in 1995, proudly announcing the debut of -- the original website that represented the three stations.  (If the link doesn't bring you right to the post, you may have to hit Ctrl+F and search for Trautmann's name.)

In that post he wrote, "One feature we're proud of is the updating of local news and sports on the WSYR page, with information entered right from our own news room." Amazing to think about how something we take for granted, and actually expect from news media today, was such a big deal back then.

Trautmann most recently worked as Senior VP of Engineering and IT at Westwood One. According to All Access, Trautmann will be reporting directly to co-presidents/co-CEOs Ken Williams and David Landau, and President/CEO of Triton Radio Networks Spencer Brown.

Tom Taylor on reports the position was created specifically for Trautmann.


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