Mark Vanness Gets New Gig... in Albany

September 16, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- Former Ithaca morning show host Mark Vanness excitedly writes today: "I got a J-O-B!"  Not only did he find a way to get back into radio on a full-time basis; he's making a rather significant market rank jump as well.

Vanness says he's going to be taking over mornings at Regent's Hot AC "Buzz 105.7" in Albany.  And he's pretty excited about the job too, telling us, "I have had opportunities prior to this, but the 'fit' wasn't correct until now!"  Details on the new job are still being finalized, but Vanness tells us his tentative on-air start date will be October 5.

Even though Albany is outside of our normal coverage area, "Buzz" may sound familiar to you.  That's the station where Lite 98.7 midday hostess Trudy worked from 2004-2008 -- and when she returned to Utica, coincidentally, WFRG midday personality Meredith "McGreen" was moving to Albany -- so Regent kept her in the fold by offering her Trudy's old job.  (McGreen's departure from Utica allowed Regent to move Greg McShea from WLZW to WFRG, completing the circle of moves.)

Vanness tells "I am thoroughly impressed with the staff, management and Regent as a broadcast company."

While the musical fare on Hot AC is much different from his last full-time gig at Saga rocker I-100 (WIII) in Ithaca, Vanness has prior on-air experience with a number of top-40 stations in places like Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Providence, Fresno and Sacramento.  He has also been grabbing shifts part-time at Galaxy's Sunny 102 (WZUN) since June.


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