NAB Declares Feb 1st as "Broadcasters for Haiti Day"

January 15, 2010 by

WASHINGTON -- Many radio and TV stations are already taking action to provide relief for earthquake victims in Haiti, but the NAB is asking broadcasters to plan their biggest pushes for February 1st, which the organization is dubbing as "Broadcasters for Haiti Day."

Starting today, TV and radio PSAs featuring First Lady Michelle Obama are available for download from so broadcasters can immediately begin spreading awareness of the destruction and the need for funding to help recovery efforts in the island nation.  Stations are also being encouraged to produce and air their own PSAs with local talent as soon as schedules allow.

Here's the full press release from the NAB announcing the effort:

WASHINGTON -- The National Association of Broadcasters today announced a voluntary nationwide initiative aimed at boosting relief efforts in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

As part of the initiative, NAB is working closely with the American Red Cross and the Ad Council to distribute critical earthquake relief information. Television and radio PSAs featuring First Lady Michelle Obama will be available for download on NAB's dedicated public service Web site,, on Friday, January 15. TV stations can also obtain the PSAs through a special NAB satellite feed on Tuesday, January 19. Specific satellite coordinates will be provided in a communication to stations shortly.

NAB is asking stations to use on-air talent to produce localized public service announcements (PSAs) boosting Haitian relief efforts.

NAB also announced that Monday, February 1 will be designated as "Broadcasters for Haiti Day." NAB is urging radio and TV stations to 'roadblock' specific times of day, dedicating airtime to fundraising relief efforts, telephone banks, radiothons and telethons.

"The cruel reality of this week's disaster demonstrates a desperate need for amplified relief efforts, and the outpouring of assistance from America's radio and TV stations is already underway," said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. "Broadcasters are uniquely positioned to mobilize the masses, and working with our disaster relief partners, we can help ease the suffering of our Haitian neighbors. We urge all stations to participate in 'Broadcasters for Haiti Day.'"

Latest news reports say the death toll has reached 50,000 and could grow as high as 100,000 in the aftermath of the 7.0-magnitude quake which struck on Tuesday afternoon.

What's YOUR Station Doing?

Has your station conducted a radiothon or other concerted efforts to help raise money for earthquake relief efforts?  Are you planning on it?  Would perhaps any stations be interested in coordinating a market-wide event across ownership boundaries?  We'd like to run a story (or stories) about such efforts here in the coverage area... so let us know about your plans:

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