New Jobs for RJ Jordan and Sonny King

September 20, 2010 by

Good news for two former local radio personalities -- within the past week, both Rick "RJ" Jordan and Sonny King have found new "big" jobs on the radio.  But fans will have to make an effort to hear either one, as both jobs are outside of territory.

Jordan, who has worked in all four markets covered by, including some time as PD at B104.7 (WBBS) in Syracuse and WSCP in Sandy Creek (when it was a country station), has accepted a position as PD of the three "Big Country" branded stations in central Pennsylvania, according to today's edition of NorthEast Radio Watch by Scott Fybush.

Jordan had his job at Golden Records for less than a year when the record label closed its doors in June.  In the meantime, Jordan, based in Rochester, had remained active in radio with part-time work at Rochester's Legends 102.7.  Fybush says Jordan begins his new job a week from today.

Meantime, Fybush also reports former WXHC morning host Sonny King is back on the air, thanks to a format flip at the Clear Channel cluster in Binghamton.  Classic rock 107.5 The Bear (WBBI) flipped to a classic hits format, branded as "Big 107.5" on Wednesday.  Fybush reports that King -- who was let go from WXHC in May 2009 -- was offered the Binghamton job with "just a few hours' notice" before his first show.

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