Where Are They Now? New Jobs for Couzens, Walsh

January 11, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- Time for our latest installment from the "Where Are They Now?" file.  Two former Syracuse broadcasters are moving to new jobs.  Mike Couzens recently left the Syracuse sports radio scene to take a job in New York City.  And one timezone west, former CNY broadcast journalist Leila Walsh leaves the NBC affiliate in San Antonio for a job in Houston.

Mike Couzens to the Big Apple

Former WSYR news reporter, WAER sportscaster and WJPZ general manager Mike Couzens has hit the road for New York City.  He announced plans to depart Syracuse on Twitter on January 2nd -- the day after calling two SU basketball games (one men's and one women's) for WAER.  Of course, we were among many to ask about it --and he revealed he's got a new job working for ABC Radio in New York City.  We checked with Mike again a few days after he started, and he said it's going "really well!"  Couzens, a native of Westchester County, says he enjoys working for ABC in the city.

Leila Walsh Leaving TV

Thanks to a reader who spotted a recent article on "," which reports that Leila Walsh is leaving television.  Earlier in the decade, Walsh worked at WUTR-TV in Utica, WSYR radio in Syracuse, and what was then known as WIXT (now WSYR-TV) in Syracuse.  From there, she went to WOAI, the NBC affiliate in San Antonio.  After five years there, she's moving on -- but staying in Texas -- to become a "senior writer" for the Houston School District.   Walsh told the reporter she's "thrilled" at the chance to help promote education, and the move puts her closer to her boyfriend, a photog at Houston's KTRK.

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