Nerdvana Talks Tech, Seeks Affiliates

February 1, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- Brad Stone, the man behind the now-defunct KISS-FM webcast hasn't disappeared off the internet radio landscape. Following a fire last summer that damaged the KISS-FM studios, Stone says he's not currently looking to revive the station (or a "new station" he was planning earlier), because he's focusing his efforts on Nerdvana, a syndicated tech-talk show that's produced in Syracuse and seeking more affiliates.

Stone tells us Nerdvana debuted on KISS-FM in late 2009 when he and two friends -- Jeffery "JVon" Von Hendy and Joshua Basile -- decided to create what stone calls a "strictly technology based radio show."

Over time, Stone says the show has "branched out slowly from just computers and mobile devices to a little bit of everything." The staff has also grown: Stone says the on-air cast for Nerdvana includes of four co-hosts and two special guests. The show airs Sunday nights at 7pm, and typically runs three hours, "unless otherwise noted on our website," adds Stone.

The show already has quite a few affiliates including "Channel 107" in the United Kingdom and "many other FM and Internet affiliates," Stone tells He says "we would love to broadcast to Central New York," and "we are looking for any affiliates, genre does not matter at all." Stone says all affiliates are market-exclusive.

Stone says Nerdvana offers multiple audio delivery methods for affiliates, including a new Digital HD Audio feed. Stone also says he's exploring satellite relay as a possibility.

At, listeners can become viewers -- a live video feed runs during the show. Audience members can call in via Skype. Those who register for a free login account get access to download previous shows and photo galleries.

Stations interested in adding Nerdvana to their lineups can contact or visit

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