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Nerdvana Talks Tech, Seeks Affiliates

SYRACUSE -- Brad Stone, the man behind the now-defunct KISS-FM webcast hasn't disappeared off the internet radio landscape. Following a fire last summer that damaged the KISS-FM studios, Stone says he's not currently looking to revive the station (or a "new station" he was planning earlier), because he's focusing his efforts on Nerdvana, a syndicated […]

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Syracuse Kiss-FM Webcast Signs Off

SYRACUSE -- The predominantly online Kiss-FM based in Syracuse and operated by Brad Stone, has closed down.  But as Stone describes on his website, it's just the end of a "chapter," as he plans to launch "a new station, with a new name, new music and new talents" later this year.

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Syracuse Webcaster's "Fate Unsure" After Fire

SYRACUSE -- The owner of Kiss-FM (not to be confused with the Utica CHR stations of the same name) says he's "unsure" what will happen to his station, following a fire that damaged plenty of equipment last week.

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Syracuse KISS-FM Exploring LP Options

SYRACUSE -- The Tipp Hill-based KISS-FM is looking for new ways to get on the air with a low-power FM transmitter in Syracuse.  The station is also exploring the possibilities of simulcasting on transmitters in several other nearby communities.

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Update: Syracuse Kiss-FM "Mysteries" Solved

SYRACUSE -- The trio of stations going by the "Kiss-FM" name in Syracuse, Oswego and Constantia aren't as new as most people might think -- but station officials say renewed efforts to promote the station have been garnering more attention lately.  A few days ago, posted an article about the "mystery" behind these stations, […]

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