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February 13, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- There are a few minor changes you may have noticed here at and We've finally caught up on some housecleaning we've been meaning to do for quite some time.

Updated Station Listings

Our radio station listings (accessible through the main menu at the top of the screen) have been updated for the Syracuse and Utica-Rome markets. We reviewed the existing lists and found a few stations were missing, and a few of the existing listings were due for an update. We also tried to improve our listings for HD Radio stations which offer multiple channels. If you catch anything we missed, please drop us a line.

We realize there are still no similar listings for TV stations; it's been on the "to do" list for quite some time, and we hope to tackle that soon.

New Story Categories

This is mostly an administrative change, which honestly may not impact most of you. But those who like to browse stories via the categories in which they are placed, we've finally done away with the generic "Television" category, moving all TV-related stories into separate "Syracuse TV" and "Utica TV" categories. Conversely, the original market-based categories are now exclusively filled with radio-related stories, and have been renamed accordingly.

Here's how you can access the categories, in case you aren't already familiar with browsing stories this way:

1) Click on the market name, then select Radio or TV.

2) Click on Radio or TV, then select the market.

3) Categories listed within the byline of a story are also clickable, as they have always been.

Of course, you'll still see ALL stories on our homepage, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, the moment they are published. So, for those of you who enjoy reading all of the stories, regardless of category, you'll barely notice anything different.

Last but not least, the category previously called "" is now called "Site News."  As the name implies, stories in this category are about the web site itself -- like the story you're reading right now.

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