News about the site itself.

How Are We Doing?

It's been almost 4 months since we unveiled the new  Now that we've had time to get our feet wet, we're hoping you'll take a moment to tell us what you'd like to see here.  

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Major Changes in Rochester

Though it's not officially part of's coverage area, we know many may be interested in major changes at the ex-Entercom cluster in Rochester.

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An Even Busier Second Month!

We almost forgot -- yesterday was the 2-month anniversary of's revival!  Just as we did last month, we thought it might be fun to tally up the numbers for the most-viewed stories and other various stats from the past 30 days.

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FIXED: User Account Problem

The problem is fixed!  If you recently signed up for a Subscriber Account (for access to post comments), but you never got an e-mail with your initial password -- now you can get it.

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Some Spring Cleaning at

Just a quick note to point out the new Links Page which sits in the menu at the very top of the page, directly underneath the "utica-rome" in our logo.  In there, you'll find a link to a new site that covers television in central New York.  (Despite the very similar appearance -- we have nothing to do […]

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A Busy First Month!

Today marks exactly one month since the new signed on, following a three-year hiatus.  It's certainly been a busy inaugural month for us!  We thought it might be fun to round up some stats from our first month, including the most-viewed stories.

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New E-Mail & New Feature

If you haven't noticed, the e-mail graphic at the top of the page has a new address.  From now on, you can reach us at cnyradio <at> cnyradio <dot> com.  You can still use the old address, but we figured this might be a little easier to remember. Also, we'd like to revive an original feature, […]

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Attention: Registered Subscribers

A quick note to those who have signed up for subscriber accounts.  We just realized there was no easy way for you to change your password or update anything else in your profile.  (It wasn't impossible, but the process was pretty obscure.)  So we added a "profile update" link you'll find at the very bottom of any […]

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Thanks to "Another" Scott

In our grand re-opening welcome message, we thanked original owner Scott Jameson for allowing us to take over his masterpiece.  And today, we want to thank another Scott -- namely Scott Fybush, for a plug in this week's edition of Northeast Radio Watch, just published yesterday.  We appreciate the help in getting the word out!

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HD Listings Added... but is Anyone Listening?

We just added listings for HD-2 stations where appropriate -- so far, that's only 4 stations on the Syracuse FM page, as verified by the HD Radio Alliance website.  (We're not counting HD-1 signals, as we'd simply be duplicating several FM stations.)  And out of curiosity, we're wondering...

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