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Top Stories for November 2008

It's been awhile since we ran down monthly stats, but we've been meaning to get back into the habit.  Here's a look at the most-viewed posts, top searches and other stats from a very busy month for

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We're not expecting any big news today, so we thought we'd take a moment to pause and give our thanks to YOU -- our readers -- for helping to make the re-launch of a success. We're thankful just for the fact you're here.  We may not know your name or where you're from, but […]

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AG Cuomo Suing Arbitron Over PPM in NYC

New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has informed Arbitron his office intends to sue the ratings company over plans to deploy the Portable People Meter (PPM) in New York City over alleged "unlawful and deceptive acts and practices."

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Another Subpoena for Arbitron's PPM

Less than a week after New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo raised questions about the methodology behind Arbitron's Personal People Meters, it looks like he's got company from New Jersey.

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New Contact Page, Help Wanted, and Other Miscellany

Regular visitors of this site may have noticed a few little changes over the weekend.  We added a new Contact page (which can be used for anonymous news tips) and we're looking for volunteers to help with a new upcoming project.

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The new's Half Birthday

Time flies when you're having fun... hard to believe it's been six months since the reincarnated went live.  This last month was a pretty busy one too... despite being a little out of the loop while taking a summer road trip, we managed to break a new record.  Details in our monthly look at […]

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We're going on a summer road trip, effective today. Internet access will vary from day-to-day... some places have it and some places don't. If you e-mail us and we take awhile to reply or react, please bear with us. We'll be taking care of story updates as time permits. We'll be back next Monday.

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Five Month Anniversary

It's been five months since the new launched. As we've done for some previous month anniversaries, here's a list of the most-viewed articles over the past 30 days, and other neat stats.

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We begin the new week with a new look for Even though the changes are pretty obvious without having an article to point them out, we just wanted to offer a quick explainer about what's new and different, in case you have trouble finding anything from before.

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Some Late Spring Cleaning

Here at we just finished up some "housecleaning" to streamline the way our articles are indexed, and to make it easier for you when searching for specific items. It's nothing exciting, but read on if you're interested in more.

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