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NAB Declares Feb 1st as "Broadcasters for Haiti Day"

WASHINGTON -- Many radio and TV stations are already taking action to provide relief for earthquake victims in Haiti, but the NAB is asking broadcasters to plan their biggest pushes for February 1st, which the organization is dubbing as "Broadcasters for Haiti Day."

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Format Flip Predictions for 2009 and 2010

Back in April, we asked you, through a multiple-choice poll, how many stations in " Land" (the 4 markets listed above in our logo) would flip formats in 2009.  Today, we're looking back to see how well you predicted -- and we're asking you to vote on your predictions for 2010.

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CENTRAL NEW YORK -- What were the biggest stories in local radio from the past year?  If you read our "Year in Review" posted earlier today, you know there was plenty of radio-related news here.  We just checked our stats to see which stories had the most hits over the past 365 days, and we […]

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The Year in Review: 2009

CENTRAL NEW YORK -- There's no question this was a busy year for the radio industry in Central New York.  Plenty of format flips, quite a few station sales, some great achievements to be proud about, and perhaps most infamously memorable, the economy's impact on the entire broadcasting industry.  Today, as per our tradition, we […]

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New Twitter Feature -plus- Update on The State of the Wiki

Update 7:40pm - Thanks to user "tamesser" for bringing many of the Ithaca pages in the Wiki to life, and to "midatlanticengineer" for his work on several Utica pages! The Station Wiki is here to stay -- for now -- thanks to your votes in the poll that had appeared on the home page […]

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Top Stories for September 2009

Utica’s Kiss-FM Drops Jesse Jordan “Intern Dave” Fired from Kiss-FM Foxfur Launches “Wolf 105.1″ Country Format Kiss-FM’s “Intern Dave” Stepping Down from Nights New Format in the Works for WSEN(AM) Wolf 105.1 to Become WOLF-FM; Other Calls “Movin” Tuesday “98.7 The Vine” Sprouts AAA in Ithaca Ulanowski Exits ND Post at WRVO POTW: What a […]

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What the Heck Happened to CNYRadio?

Update 6/17 - Thanks for your patience as our trip "back in time" to our old look runs a little longer than planned.  But don't let the look dissuade you -- we're still taking news tips, story ideas, Picture of the Week submissions and everything else as we continue working on issues behind the scenes.

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After a few weeks of working on some different designs and options, the Station Wiki finally has a new look.  If you haven't checked out the Wiki in awhile, take a look.

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Your Format Flip Predictions for 2009

It was fun last year, so we'll do it again this year -- we're asking you to predict how many format flips will take place in land (Syracuse, Utica, Watertown and Ithaca) by the end of 2009.

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What does a Editor do on a slow news day?  Maybe working on the Station Wiki or perhaps importing Scott's old articles into the Archives.  But we've caught the Twitter bug... another easy way for you to keep up with the latest.

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