Some Late Spring Cleaning

July 8, 2008 by

Here at we just finished up some "housecleaning" to streamline the way our articles are indexed, and to make it easier for you when searching for specific items. It's nothing exciting, but read on if you're interested in more.

First of all, you may have noticed the bottom of each article has a list of "tags." If you click on any tag, you immediately get a list of every other article which has that same tag. We typically tag the name of any person and the call letters of any station (and the name of the station's owner) in every post.

Originally, we also tagged the station's nickname (ie. "B 104.7") as well as the market, but effective immediately, station nickname and market tags have been eliminated. Markets are already specified in the category of the post, so market tags were redundant. Nickname tags were also redundant, since we already tag the call letters. These changes will help conserve server space (making pages load faster) and they'll save us time when posting new items.

Second of all, you may have noticed we've started restoring archives from the original We're "burying" this announcement here because this project is far from complete, but we figured if you were interested enough in reading this far, you'd be interested enough in knowing about the archives. If you haven't seen it yet, just go to the homepage and you'll see the pull-down menu there. Obviously, anything prior to 2008 is from the original site by Scott Jameson. We'll make a much bigger announcement whenever we finally have all of the old articles moved over (or at least a more significant number of them).

UPDATE 7/9/08: Scott Jameson has sent us the complete news archives of the original, making this task much, much easier!  We were able to post the very first articles from March-May 2001 (there's 21 in total) in a little over an hour.  That's great news -- but we also now know the original site had exactly (drum roll please................) 997 news articles.  In other words, more and more archive articles will be trickling in, but it'll be several weeks before they're all posted.  (By the way, we are adding categories and tags to all archives as we go along, so you should easily be able to find anything you seek by simply searching by call letters or names.)

Lastly, another reward for reading all the way through this boring post -- look for a revamped design coming soon. Most of the work is done (we accomplished quite a bit late Monday night) but we're still working out some minor bugs and fine-tuning to get things "just right" before we launch.  In fact, if you have any ideas or suggestions, this would be an opportune time to shoot us an e-mail, and we'll see if we can include your thoughts in the new design.

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