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News items related to the Utica TV market. Counties: Herkimer, Oneida-East, Otsego.

The Biggest Stories of 2011: Your Picks

CENTRAL NEW YORK -- Tomorrow, we'll tally up our web server stats and countdown the top 10 stories of the year, as ranked by number of page views. First, we're adding something new to our "Year in Review" coverage this year: earlier this month, we put out an open call for YOUR opinions on the […]

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The Year in Review: 2011

Updated 12/31 CENTRAL NEW YORK -- While most media outlets use this week to look back at all the general news from 2011, we're using these last few days of the year to look back at all the news from within those media outlets.  On New Year's Eve, we'll countdown our "top 10" stories based on […]

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New FCC Regs to Control TV Audio Levels

WASHINGTON, DC -- You're watching something on television. All the sudden, a commercial break begins and you're blown out of your seat by the abrupt increase in audio volume. Perhaps a family member yells at you to turn down the TV, even though you never turned it up in the first place.  Thanks to some […]

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Reminder: National EAS Test on Wednesday at 2pm

WASHINGTON, DC -- For months, broadcast engineers across the country have been counting down to November 9.  That's the date federal authorities have set for the first-ever national-level test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS).  If the system works as expected, you'll notice the test interrupting normal programming on nearly every radio and TV station in […]

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Big Weekend for WCNY-TV

SYRACUSE and UTICA -- Plenty of news to share this weekend from local PBS affiliate WCNY-TV. The station is set to debut three brand new locally-produced series tomorrow.  Construction is now underway for the station's future home in Syracuse.  And observant readers say the new digital repeater in Utica appears to be up and […]

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POTW: I Once Caught a Fish THIS Big... (2011)

PULASKI --  If you know anyone who enjoys fishing, chances are they've told you the stories about "the big one" they claim to have caught, or nearly caught... and you wonder if they're really telling the truth or spinning a tall tale.  Well, for one fisherman who used to forecast the weather for Central New […]

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WKTV Sends a GM to Providence... and Gets One Back

UTICA -- A little over a month since Vic Vetters announced plans to leave NBC affiliate NewsChannel 2 (WKTV) for a new job in Providence, the station's parent owner has named a new GM -- who comes to Utica from Providence.  While Vetters went to Providence's NBC affiliate (WJAR), Steve Doerr comes to WKTV from […]

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Amanda Gabeler Returns to Utica TV

UTICA/ROME -- When WUTR and WFXV revived local news last month, they only hired one meteorologist.  So what happens when Jeff Matthews needs a night off?  We found out tonight, when former WKTV chief meteorologist Amanda Gabeler appeared in his place.

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Jules Thompson Back to Syracuse

SYRACUSE -- Roughly three months after taking the helm of the WIBX 950 newsroom in Utica, Jules Thompson is trading in his News Director business cards for the chance to work closer to home.  He's headed back to Syracuse, to become the nightside assignment editor for ABC affiliate NewsChannel 9 (WSYR-TV).

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WKTV's Don Shipman Gets Married

UTICA -- Our congratulations to WKTV anchor Don Shipman, who got married over the weekend.  According to the NBC affiliate, Shipman and longtime partner Adam Lawless have been planning their big day for quite awhile -- and New York State's recent legalization of same-sex marriages finally allowed their plans to become a reality.

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