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FCC Denies WVOA-AM Permit Extension

According to, an attempt by Cram Communications to extend the construction permit for WVOA-AM in DeWitt has been denied. The article says a local building moratorium and a zoning-related lawsuit forced Cram to delay construction. The ruling doesn't take away Cram's CP. They can still build, but the clock continues ticking toward the deadline.

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WBGJ sale approved

The transfer of Sylvan Beach Radio Disney affiliate WBGJ 100.3 FM from Kevin O'Kane to Craig Fox's WOLF Radio has been approved by the FCC. Scott Fybush reports that there may be a format change in the works as well.

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Delmonico comments on FCC investigation

The Federal Communications Commission recently launched an investigation into the consolidation of radio station ownership in the Syracuse market. Joel Delmonico, vice president and market manager for the six local stations owned by Clear Channel Communications, says he welcomes the review.

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WRVO asks to move Watertown relay

Watertown's WRVJ 91.7 FM may be getting a boost, and to do that will involve moving its transmitter. The station, which is a relay for Oswego-based public radio station WRVO,

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Clear Channel responds to Ackerley acquisition concerns

If Clear Channel Communications' proposed acquisition of the Ackerley Group is approved, some are contending Clear Channel will have an unfair, if not illegal, monopoly of the public airwaves in several cities including Syracuse. Clear Channel lawyers have responded.

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FCC unveils new web-based search tool

Searching the Federal Communications Commission's archives just got a whole lot easier. The government agency tasked with overseeing the nation's broadcast airwaves recently made available new search capabilities on their web site.

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More power for Power 106.9

The FCC has approved an on-channel booster for Auburn's WPHR 106.9 FM. The new booster, which operates at 1740 watts, is located in downtown Syracuse with a directional antenna aimed at the southern part of the city.

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Manilus resident files complaint with FCC

Clear Channel Communication's addition of Ackerley's television stations, including WIXT in Syracuse, came under fire from Douglas F. Elznic who describes himself as a "party-in-interest to this matter because I am a resident of Manlius, New York."

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FCC investigating the Syracuse radio market

Following the Telecommunications Act of 1996, a handful of media conglomerates have taken over of a large piece of the radio ownership pie. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now worried that their policies on local radio ownership do not adequately reflect current industry conditions.

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Stern leads surge in FCC complaints

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Federal Communications Commission has seen a dramatic increase in the number of listener complaints about on-air content. Howard Stern's syndicated morning show leads the list due in part to comments from one member of the show proposing that New York City prostitutes provide complimentary sexual favors to city […]

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