Frequent Limbaugh Fill-In Gets Own National Show

Former San Diego mayor Roger Hedgecock, a frequent substitute for Rush Limbaugh, will have his own nationally-syndicated weekday talkshow starting just after the new year.

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Doug Stephan Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Doug Stephan is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his syndicated morning talk show, "Doug Stephan's Good Day."  Locally, Newsradio 950 WIBX/Utica carries the show on Saturday mornings.  Doug's website has a 20th anniversary page with highlights from the past 2 decades.

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WIBX's "First Look" to be Aired on TV

Starting later this week, Newsradio 950 WIBX's local talk show First Look will have the chance to gain some new... viewers.  Yes, viewers.  Every Friday in October, the show will be videotaped for re-broadcast on TV.

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WIBX Adding Glenn Beck's Weekend Show

Nothing yet on their website or sent out to their E-Mail Club, but Utica-Rome's Newsradio 950 WIBX is reportedly adding "The Glenn Beck Weekend" to its lineup.

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POTW: Vintage WIBX Truck (Undated)

What a slooooow week this was!  We only had one new story since last week's POTW.  It was such a slow week, we had to go back in time for the latest POTW.  We found this one at the Utica AM Radio Website, and the owners could use some help identifying one of these guys.

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NASDAQ Threatens to Drop Regent

Regent Communications is at risk of being delisted from the NASDAQ stock market, according to business newspaper report in Cincinnati, the home of Regent corporate HQ.  The owner of 62 stations -- including four in Utica-Rome -- has been trading below NASDAQ's $1.00 minimum for more than 30 consecutive trading days.

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WIBX Picks Up NASCAR Races

Regent's Newsradio 950 WIBX has just signed up with Performance Racing Network (PRN) to carry live coverage of NASCAR's Sprint Cup series.  The announcement was included in an e-mail sent to the WIBX "Listener Club" this afternoon.

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NYS Broadcasters Association Awards Announced

UPDATED (1:05PM) - The 2008 New York State Broadcasters Association "Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting" have been unveiled.  We now have a complete list of winners, and they include stations in all four markets we cover... for a total of 11 radio awards, and at least 2 TV awards for former radio reporters.

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Limbaugh Signs $400 Million Deal Through 2016

According to the Drudge Report, Premiere Radio Networks and Rush Limbaugh have signed a deal that will keep "America's Anchorman" on the air through the year 2016, and "the package is valued north of $400 million, according to media insiders."

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WIBX Announces 2 Big Events

In an e-mail sent to its Listener Club today, Utica's Newsradio 950 WIBX says it will begin a two-week long food drive on Monday, to benefit the Community Food Bank of Greater Utica.  WIBX is also promoting that it is the only radio station with live coverage of this year's Boilermaker Road Race.

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