The rap on Rapp's future

June 14, 2002 by Scott Jameson

On the heels of wrapping up WAER's weekly show Women's Voices, Lorraine Rapp is launching a new line of skin care products. The former 95X personality writes in to the Syracuse New Times to thank them for helping to kick-start her new venture...Fountain of Youth

Thank you for the huge plug in the Good Week/Bad Week column of the May 29 What's Shakin' edition. You probably thought you were covering the ending of the radio show Women's Voices that I co-hosted on WAER-FM 88.3, but unwittingly you helped me launch my new line of facial cosmetics, Oh Very Young, named for the Cat Stevens song and inspired by the ageless Dick Clark.

I was delighted when The New Times photographer Michael Davis came to the WAER studios to catch me in the act of applying my special blend of time-revising creams and skin toners -- in fact, as your photograph illustrates, it truly turned the clock back, making me look as if I were once again 25 years old and working at my old job at WAQX-FM (95X), which I haven't held since the 1980s!

In fact, I was just in the process of negotiating with the Home Shopping Network for my own infomercial to promote the line, but now you've gone ahead and launched me and saved me a few bucks... and even more years! Thank you, Syracuse New Times!

Lorraine Rapp
Co-host, co-producer,
Women's Voices

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