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February 22, 2008 by

After nearly 3 years off the air, we're excited to be back! is now under new management who missed the old site.  After getting the blessing from founder Scott Jameson to stage a revival, we spent 3 months on design and testing... and here we are!  As always, it won't be a success without your help... send in your tips about events, format changes, comings-and-goings and job postings to cnyradio {at} gmail <dot> com.  Confidentiality requests are always honored... for more details on our news submission policy, click the "About" link.

"Hey, you launched on February 22nd... what's with the articles from December?"

That's when we started testing out the new site. doesn't just have a brand new look, but it's got a brand new core managing all the content.  As we got things up and running, we occasionally posted some articles to test everything out, and to get ourselves in the habit of tracking down story items.

That brand new core we mentioned also explains why some old features are gone, and some new features have been added.  In time, we'd like to restore all the original news archives and bring back some features (like Photo of the Week) but since we have full-time jobs and is a spare-time hobby, these things will take some time.  We appreciate your patience!

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5 comments on “Welcome to the NEW!”

  1. Welcome back!! Like the new site. Missed the updated news about the CNY radio scene. Any plans in the future to include news and happenings for CNY television?

  2. Sportsmedianut, thanks for the welcome! We won't rule out TV, but right now, we're not planning on it. We don't want to spread ourselves too thin and wind up shortchanging radio, the original focus of the site. We'll see how it goes, and maybe we'll reconsider TV in the future.

  3. Hello..It is great to see the site back up and running. Just from reviewing your early information postings, along with the new look, I am sure your site will be very successful.

    It is nice to know what is going on in the radio world throughout Central New York and your site can only help serve all of the media professionals who have been kept out of the loop for so long.

    Best of luck as you go forward.


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