What's Up With BJAM?

June 20, 2008 by

As it gets later and later into June, many observers are watching and wondering: how come there's been no word yet from Clear Channel about B104.7's annual "BJAM" concert?  Has this long-running tradition run its course? 

After spotting posts by two different people on two different message boards, alleging that BJAM would not be taking place this year, we started to wonder if there was any truth to those rumors.  After all, it is pretty late in the season to have not heard anything... there's no country headliners on the Oswego Harborfest schedule... and the BJAM page on B104.7's website still features last year's concert.

B104.7 has been at the top of the Syracuse ratings for years, so many listeners must be wondering:  What's up with BJAM?  We thought we'd do everyone a favor and get it cleared up once and for all -- by going directly to Clear Channel management.

We went to B104.7's "Contact Us" webpage, and sent our questions via e-mail to Market Manager Joel Delmonico, Operations Manager Rich Lauber, and Promotions Manager Carole Fargo.  We only heard back from Delmonico, who declined to comment on the status of BJAM, only saying, "we will do what we always do, make announcements about concerts first to our database, then to our listeners." 

Guess we'll just have to keep watching and waiting. will keep you updated if/when we hear any new developments.  As always, if you hear anything concrete before we do, cnyradio <at> is the way to get in touch with us.  Be sure to let us know if we can attribute the information to you, or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous.


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