Y94FM Moves John Tesh to PM Drive

November 18, 2008 by

SYRACUSE - Clear Channel AC Y94FM (WYYY) has moved the John Tesh Radio Show from evenings to afternoon drive. 

We know we're a bit late on this; our effort to reach Y94 Program Director Kathy Rowe last week for confirmation was not returned.  But we've since seen it reported by at least two national trades.  Radio & Records has the more-detailed account of the change, stating that no local air talent lost their jobs as a result of the move.  Rather, the existing roster of local jocks was shifted around a bit.

Since Y94's website still has the old shifts listed for each jock (as of 11/18/08) and we're at our "real" job during the hours of the day in question, we are unable to provide a detailed breakdown of the new Y94FM talent schedule.  If/when we can get the new lineup, we'll post it here.  (Sorry, we just don't have access to a radio when we're at work...)

WYYY has been affiliated with Tesh since 2002, when he only had a 3-hour weekend show.  The station added Tesh's weekday show in May 2003.  Later that year, Tesh would end the weekend show to concentrate on the weekday show, making way for the Jim Brickman Weekend.  It wouldn't be until April 2004 that Y94FM would move Tesh to evenings -- a timeslot where he is often carried in many markets as a competitor to Delilah.

Fans who prefer Tesh in the evening need not worry; his show will continue to air from 7pm to midnight on Mix 102.5 (WUMX) in the Utica-Rome market, and Lite Rock 97.3 (WYXL) in Ithaca.  Or, if you prefer to wake up with Tesh, he's actually carried in morning drive from 5-10am on WTOJ 103.1 FM.


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