Oswego Forecast: Sunny... and 106.1

December 4, 2008 by

OSWEGO - Getting reception of certain Syracuse stations in the Port City can sometimes be a daunting task, but Sunny 102 (WZUN) is making it easier for listeners to tune in, with the addition of a new translator.

Sunny PD Ted Bradford tells the new signal at 106.1 FM signed on at 10am Wednesday.  Bradford says it's intended to serve "primarily the city of Oswego."

FCC records show W291BU is "officially" licensed to Fulton, broadcasting from Galaxy's facility near the corner of Route 481 and Dutch Ridge Road in the Town of Volney.  (The same place where WTKV's and WSGO's signals originate.)  W291BU is authorized for 175 watts at zero meters above average terrain, but 82 meters above ground level at the tower site.

The FCC 60dBu contour map for W291BU shows the 106.1FM signal does cover the entire city of Oswego, along with territory reaching west along Route 104, just beyond the intersection with Routes 104A; and east almost as far as the intersection of Routes 104 and 104B.  Heading south, the 60dBu contour reaches to the northern border of the city of Fulton.

Helping the Community

While we're talking about Sunny 102, we thought we'd toss in a quick plug for "Big Mike's Christmastime in Syracuse, Volume 14" CD.  It's on sale now at area P&C Foods stores.

The cost is $6, and proceeds benefit Elmcrest Childrens Center and Casey's Place.  The CD is a collection of holiday favorites from local artists including: Grupo Pagan, Simplelife, Nancy Kelly, Ronnie Leigh, Todd Hobin, Letizia, Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook, The Billionaires, Donna Colton, Frenay & Lenin, Kanjira, Erika DeSocio, Prime Time and The Joe Whiting Band. Also The West Genesee HS Chorus and The Fayetteveille-Manlius HS Swing 16.

3 comments on “Oswego Forecast: Sunny... and 106.1”

  1. The alternate headline: Oswego Forecast: Continued Lack Of Local Radio.

    Oswego County used to have local radio service. Not anymore.

    WKFM, a huge FM signal in Fulton, was sold and moved to Syracuse. Sister AM WOSC, once the full-service A/C station that got us through the Bilzzard of 66, went dark eventually.

    WSGO AM/FM in Oswego -- local in name only. Repeaters for regional broadcasters.

    Oswego's Z-96? Pumping a national format with no local content.

    WSCP, no longer local.

    Even WRVO, which is licensed to Oswego, cares more about Syracuse than its city of license. That's where the biggest donor bucks are.

    I'm not picking on anyone here -- this is just the logical expression of the current trend of free-market economics. But it is a shame, and a loss for those of us who live in the counties no longer served by local radio.

    This wouldn't be such a big deal, except that radio is our portable lifeline in a disaster. Will they turn off the 13-in-a-row music machine and pump 24/7 local news and info to Oswego County the next time we get hit with a massive ice storm? You already know the answer -- the hits will keep on comin'.

    My fondest hope for what appears to be the implosion of high-profit-driven national radio groups is that it causes the return of locally-owned, deeply imperfect radio stations that serve small communities.

  2. Daily - Great points. Besides WRVO, I believe SUNY Oswego's WNYO is the only station with live, local content, originating from a studio in Oswego County. Unfortunately, with only 100 watts and a low transmitter height, they're nowhere near powerful enough to cover the entire county. Not to mention, they're often in automation or off-air whenever school is not in session (ie. the last half of December and most of January), and they aren't properly staffed to handle an event like a major ice storm.

  3. W291BU has been on the air for a while now, simulcasting WTKW/WTKV. I was hearing it over the summer here in Rochester - the signal just carries right down the lakeshore. I figured Galaxy would end up using it to put WSGO on FM. Guess I was wrong...


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