WRVO Seeks Cable Listeners

June 19, 2009 by

OSWEGO -- If you use your cable TV service to listen to WRVO, the Oswego-based NPR station wants to hear from you.  Apparently, it makes the station eligible to receive more funding.

In an e-mail sent to listeners this week, PD Fred Vigeant says "additional financial support is available" for public radio stations that can document listenership via cable TV.

Listening to the station's online stream via RoadRunner doesn't count.  But for an example that does count, Vigeant points out WRVO's audio is carried on Time Warner Cable channel 96 in the Oswego area.  He says he's not sure if the signal is carried on any of Time Warner's other systems in the area.

Vigeant adds, "We'd certainly welcome other franchises to pick us up, but I'm not sure if we can actively push for that to occur."  He mentioned some "fine lines" involved, and he's not sure if a campaign to have listeners request WRVO audio via cable would jeopardize the funding.

If you do use your television to listen to WRVO via cable, the station is requesting you send an e-mail to and include:

1.  Your name, address and zip code.
2.  The name of the cable system and channel (excluding listening via Road Runner).
3.  The approximate period of time you listen to WRVO.
4.  How much you value WRVO programming on your cable system.

There's no set deadline for that correspondence, but we'll assume they'd appreciate it as soon as possible.

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