Syracuse Stations: Going to the Fair?

August 12, 2009 by

Updated 8/25 - Attention Syracuse Stations: We know most of you will have a presence at the Great New York State Fair later this month.  Where will you be?  For this Friday's "Picture of the Week" we'd like to take pictures of every radio station in attendance... but we need you to tell us where you'll be!

We know where most of you are usually located... but we want to make sure we don't leave anyone out, especially if you're going to be in a different location this year.

Station personnel, please e-mail from an official station e-mail address anytime before Opening Day and let us know where you'll be located within the Fairgrounds.

If weather cooperates, our roving photographer will be making the rounds on Opening Day, sometime after 5:00pm.  If the weather is bad Thursday, we'll definitely be there late afternoon on Sunday the 30th -- and our Fair POTW will run the following week.

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3 comments on “Syracuse Stations: Going to the Fair?”

  1. We ARE going to be taking pictures (and with something much better than disposable camera). Did you read the article? We're not asking stations to send in their own pictures; we're asking stations to tell us where within the Fairgrounds they will be located, so we can find them and take our own pictures.

    Many stations are prominently located along high-traffic sections of the Fairgrounds, so that's not a problem. It's hard to miss the Clear Channel stations right at the main gate, or the big 95X and 93Q boomboxes, for example.

    But some stations are tucked away in less-obvious places. We would hate to leave anyone out; that's why we're asking stations to tell us where they will be located. It'll be much easier to go from station to station quickly, than to just randomly wander every last inch of the fairgrounds looking for stations. (Probably not going to have time for that.)

  2. Have heard that WSYR will have no presence but Jim Grief will be ducking hurled eggs whilst broadcasting his show from the WCNY spot -


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