Mike Cauchon Leaving 93Q, Station Seeking Replacement

October 4, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- After three years hosting nights at Citadel CHR 93Q (WNTQ), Mike Cauchon is headed to New England for his next job. And that leaves PD/OM Tom Mitchell on the hunt for a replacement and we've got the details on how you can apply.

Here's the announcement we received from Mitchell:

Citadel CHR WNTQ (93Q) Syracuse says goodbye to 3-year night guy Mike Cauchon. It was his second tour of duty at the station, having covered weekends from 1999 to 2001. So... Operations Manager Tom Mitchell finds himself with one of those rare fulltime openings...

CHR evening personality, live Monday-Saturday. Live appearances and production. Experience with digital automation and audio editing programs a plus. Send aircheck and resume to

Where’s Mike going? All signs point east... Portland, Maine, for an opportunity that is described mysteriously as "under wraps."

Mitchell tells that Cauchon will be on the air at 93Q for the next two weeks.  After that, various part-timers will fill-in until a permanent replacement is named.

For a week earlier this year, Cauchon also enjoyed some face time in front of the TV cameras, filling-in for a week as the morning traffic reporter on NBC affiliate WSTM and CBS affiliate WTVH. That same week, Cauchon was featured in a Picture of the Week from one of his appearances at Turning Stone Resort and Casino's Lava dance club.

Got Jobs?

Remember, is always pleased to publish local radio job openings free of charge.  It's a great way to make sure local readers know about your jobs, and it's another EEO recriutment source you can add to your station's public file.  Send those job opening announcements to


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