CNY Talk: We're Not Leaving ABC News

October 17, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- Even though the CNY Talk Radio trio of stations (WFBL/WMCR/WUTI) have recently been heard airing top-of-hour news from services other than ABC News during certain hours, personnel at the Leatherstocking Media Group studios in Syracuse say they aren't ditching ABC; they've just been dealing with some technical difficulties.

Bryan Richards, Group Production Director for Leatherstocking, graciously volunteered the information after seeing some reader comments posted on another story about the stations recently.  He confirms that a glitch has resulted in the trimulcast airing "IRN America" news feeds, instead of the usual ABC News Radio feed, at certain hours of the day.

Richards tells, "we have no plans to switch our news provider from ABC."  Richards says he can't release specific details behind the glitches and he doesn't know exactly when they'll be fixed, but he confirms the station is aware and working to resolve the problem.


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