WMBO-LP Returns to Airwaves

November 22, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- After almost a year off the air, low-power analog television station WMBO-LP is back, reports a and reader who used to run his own local media website. Since the station is transmitting on analog TV channel 6, the audio can be heard with an ordinary radio at 87.7 FM.

The owner of the old website wrote to tell us WMBO-LP has been back on the air since November 10th. It's transmitting at 300 watts from the WOLF tower on West Kirkpatrick Street in Syracuse. According to FCC records, the station is owned by Metro TV, which, according to Wikipedia, is 51% owned by Craig Fox.

Craig Fox also holds a majority stake or full ownership of other TV and radio stations operating out of the same facility, including WBLZ-LP (analog channel 13, with a CP to switch to digital channel 8).  Both TV stations are reportedly broadcasting the NASA-TV feed, which, despite being 100% free (as a product of the federal government, it's public domain) and offering live coverage of space missions, is not carried locally by Time Warner Cable.  (Note, we haven't had an opportunity to tune in and verify this information for ourselves as of this writing.)

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