Ryno Takes Over TK99 Nights

January 17, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- There's a new but familiar voice on the night shift at TK99 and TK105 (WTKW/WTKV).  Ryno, who has been doing mornings for Galaxy Communications sister station modern rock KRock (WKRL/WKRH), is pulling double duty as TK's new night jock.  He just made his debut on the classic rocker within the hour.

The double duty won't last too long -- on his "Ryno on Krock" Facebook Page, he said this morning he has just "3 more days to go" on the morning shift, with "Good stuff coming for KROCK!" next week.

Before noticing this, we already received an anonymous reader tip about changes coming at KRock -- and we checked with program director Nixon, who promised details later this week.  (We'll have another story then, so be sure to check back -- or follow us on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google+ or with your RSS feed reader.)

Ryno already has a new "Ryno on TK99" Facebook Page, where he pre-announced he would be appearing in his current shift.

Updated Coverage

Ryno in the Archives

2003: Ryno moves from nights to middays at 95X (WAQX) after Dave Frisina leaves to take the same shift at TK99.

Later in 2003: Ryno is promoted to assistant program director and music director at 95X.

2004: Shortly after 95X begins cutting off the Howard Stern show promptly at 10:00 every morning, Ryno makes national headlines when he writes an open letter praising Stern for what his show used to be, but then criticizing the shock jock for turning his show into "a 4 to 5 hour long infomercial about satellite radio."  Stern read the letter on-air and continued to return verbal fire for days afterwards.

2005: Ryno exits 95X in February, and lands a new job in Florida weeks later.

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