Dave Vieser Resigns From Ithaca's WHCU

January 29, 2012 by

ITHACA/CORTLAND -- Dave Vieser has resigned from his post as APD and co-host of the Morning News Watch on Ithaca news/talker WHCU.  Although some fans were displeased with the brief announcement made by the station on Friday morning, possibly fearing Vieser was laid off, GM Susan Johnston tells that Vieser resigned on his own accord.

Thanks to some readers who contacted us after hearing Friday morning's on-air announcement, along with a similar posting on  WHCU's Facebook page. checked with station management, and GM Susan Johnston was the first to respond.  Here's what she said:

Dave Vieser resigned from WHCU for personal reasons. Those of us who have worked with Dave for many years, and appreciate the dedication and professionalism that he demonstrated as the host of the WHCU Morning News Watch, accept his decision and respect his privacy.

Vieser's departure leaves PD/ND Geoff Dunn as the lone host for the wake-up shift.  It appears that he's not necessarily planning to fly solo permanently, as the WHCU website says management is "working on a transition plan for a new host of the program."

Dave, if you're reading this, we wish you all the best, and thanks for keeping us here at in the loop about the happenings at WHCU.

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Thanks again to the handful of readers who caught the word of Vieser's exit from WHCU.  It's literally impossible for me to keep track of the goings-on at 100+ radio and TV stations in three markets on my own, so reader news tips are always very much appreciated.  Anytime you catch wind of something which hasn't yet been reported here, email or use the Contact Form.  All requests for anonymity are always honored... and if you use the form, you can decide if you want to provide your name and email, or leave those fields blank.

One comment on “Dave Vieser Resigns From Ithaca's WHCU”

  1. Dave Vieser is the best!! He will be greatly missed on air.
    I hope he will continue to keep in touch with this old radio friend from way back. Take good care, Dave, and I wish you all the best with your future plans. Please keep in touch when you can. xo


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