WRVO Expands Reach Northward

March 21, 2012 by

OSWEGO -- A new full-power repeater for NPR affiliate WRVO has received the final step of approval from the FCC.  Transmitting at 89.3FM from a tower near Clayton, the new WRVH brings WRVO programming to listeners along the Saint Lawrence River, including Alexandria Bay.

The FCC's "License to Cover" for WRVH was granted on March 16, in response to an application filed March 12, just one day shy of the three-year deadline for the station's 2009 construction permit. The License to Cover, the final step of FCC approval in the process of signing-on a brand new station, was announced in today's FCC Daily Digest.

According to FCC records, the new signal originates from a tower about halfway between Clayton and I-81.  Authorized for 7,900 watts from an antenna 26.3 meters above average terrain, WRVU's 60 dBu coverage contour covers areas along the Saint Lawrence River from a few miles west of Clayton to a few miles east of Alexandria Bay. Heading south from the border, WRVU's 60dBu contour stretches far enough along I-81 for travelers to make the jump to or from Watertown repeater 91.7 WRVJ.

Coverage Elsewhere

NorthEast Radio Watch - Scott Fybush mentioned the launch of WRVH in this week's edition of NERW. And speaking of new stations and construction permits -- this one not related to WRVO -- the same edition of NERW also includes an exclusive photo of the WKAJ "tower site that never was" in Saint Johnsville.


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